Variations and Loss and Expense

Variations and Loss and Expense

We have expertise in assessing claims, including extension of time, loss and expense, disruption, and acceleration costs. Our objective is to capture your full entitlement, citing relevant evidence to ensure maximum return. Our consultants have worked for both employers and contractors, which means we are highly skilled at maximising a variety of claims.

When defending against claims, we are adept at employing analytically sound contractual arguments. To do this, we undertake a thorough assessment of the claimant’s calculation, methodology and adduced substantiation. This ensures that you do not pay more than the claimant is due, if anything at all.

If you are a contractor or sub-contractor, we are able to prepare claims that meet all necessary contractual and evidential requirements, helping you achieve a higher success rate. If you are an employer, you can use our services to defend a contractor’s claim, or for an independent review as a basis for negotiation.

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