Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

If you are in dispute with your employer, main contractor or subcontractor, we can manage this process on your behalf.  Our consultants practise all established Alternative Dispute Resolution methods in the UK, including mediation, adjudication and arbitration. From the outset, we will always seek to resolve your dispute in a highly professional manner designed to maintain your business relationships.

With dual qualified consultants and years of dispute resolution experience, you receive value for money compared to services offered by barristers and solicitors. Legal services do not practice quantum, which is the primary component in achieving a high award.

Our aim is not simply to manage the process and achieve a nominal award – it is to win, and win well!

We specialise in submission drafting, quantum assessment, delay analysis, legal arguments and associated case law. Which means you benefit from expertise at every stage of the dispute process. You do not need to pay extra for overlapping services.

As a first step, we always review disputes to establish whether a claim or defence is viable. In fact, we often identify heads of claim that may not have been considered.  Tactically, we look to start the process from a point of strategic advantage – presenting the case in an authoritative and persuasive manner.


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Rowfield are a firm of Chartered Quantity Surveyors that provide commercial management, dispute resolution and project support services to the construction industry.

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