Since the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 (as amended) (Construction Act), any party to a construction contract has a statutory right to refer a dispute to adjudication.

Today, adjudication is the leading form of construction dispute resolution in the UK. Its key characteristics are:

  • Applies to any “construction contract”
  • Typically takes 28 days – extended only by agreement
  • Awards a sum or decision to the disadvantaged party immediately

Our consultants are qualified adjudicators, empanelled at various Adjudicator Nominating Bodies, which means we have a clear understanding of the Adjudicator’s decision making process. We are perfectly placed to manage the procedure from start to finish, including claim preparation, legal arguments and drafting of referrals, responses, replies and, if necessary, rejoinders and surrejoinders.

Your adjudication will be comprehensively managed. You will not need to engage expensive overlapping services, during which information can be confused, responsibilities split and even worse, sums under-recovered.

Where two companies require an independent adjudicator, Rowfield can provide this service.

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Rowfield are a firm of Chartered Quantity Surveyors that provide commercial management, dispute resolution and project support services to the construction industry.

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