Why Rowfield?

Why Rowfield?

As those involved with construction contracts are aware, projects are capital intensive with low profit margins. This makes the construction industry a high-risk sector regardless of your position in the supply chain. Rowfield was founded after years of observing construction companies not achieving the margins that they should – or worse, going bankrupt due to poor contract management.

We understand that commercial success relies on the contractor or subcontractor being able to turn over its capital uninhibited, with repeat efficiency, ensuring its margin. Major losses occur when contracts, tenders and project risks are not fully considered, when control systems and contractual notices are not maintained, or when an aggressive paying party abuses its natural position of strength. Everything we do is designed to minimise these risks, so you can maximise your profitability.

Rowfield is your single source for contract management.

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Rowfield are a firm of Chartered Quantity Surveyors that provide commercial management, dispute resolution and project support services to the construction industry.

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