Contract Checks & Tender Appraisal

Contract Checks & Tender Appraisal

Today, construction contracts contain more hidden dangers than ever as parties try to push the risk further down the supply chain. Many firms sign contracts that have obligations or liabilities that were not easily apparent at the outset. This can cause a great deal of commercial distress later on. Effective contract risk appraisal requires expert understanding of protocols surrounding term incorporation, additional terms implied by statute and constantly evolving construction case law.

Rowfield provides a thorough appraisal of tender terms for negotiation, or contracts that have been presented for signature. Our dual-qualified consultants identify risks using their expertise concerning the rules of contract formation, term interpretation and employer/contractor risk allocation. This analysis allows us to identify and avoid pitfalls that could leave you exposed to serious financial consequences in the post-contract period.

Where required, we can draft your terms for use with subcontractors and suppliers. Either by producing a bespoke subcontract document, or by selecting the most suitable standard form. In this scenario, we would make sure the risks identified in your main contract were “backed off” in the subcontract document.

We are able to manage bespoke contracts and have a comprehensive understanding of standard forms of contract such as NEC, FIDIC, JCT and IChemE.

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