If direct negotiations between parties fail, you may need to resolve the dispute through mediation. Rowfield offers services as a neutral third party to help you reach an agreement. Mediation has the unique benefit that both parties come away with something. This offers the advantages of growing relationships and saving money versus other dispute resolution methods.

Rowfield provides bespoke mediation forums that are acceptable to both parties and designed to lead to effective outcomes. This helps parties understand each other’s perspective and often leads to a resolution that satisfies both parties.

Reasons to mediate:

  • Parties are directly involved in negotiation
  • Speed of resolution
  • Assisted by an experienced person
  • Less confrontational than adjudication or arbitration
  • Both parties come away with something
  • Greatly reduced cost against adjudication or arbitration
  • Maintains relationships
  • Settlement cannot be imposed
  • Process and agreements are private
  • Should the process be unsuccessful you have not prejudiced a legal right

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Rowfield are a firm of Chartered Quantity Surveyors that provide commercial management, dispute resolution and project support services to the construction industry.

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