Arbitration is a private, flexible and confidential form of dispute resolution, and is one of the favoured alternatives to the apparent ‘rough justice’ that adjudication offers. In arbitration, the parties plead their case before an independent tribunal.

While adjudication seeks to establish a quick, broadly correct answer, arbitration seeks to establish a final correct decision. Therefore, it is a lengthier process and typically involves larger disputes.

The parties and tribunal can tailor the arbitral procedure to suit the exact nature of the dispute. The parties can agree to forego the hearing and ask the tribunal to decide the case on a documents-only basis. Rowfield can help you with all stages of the arbitration process, for both domestic and international disputes.

Our arbitration services include:

  • Dispute appraisal & preparation
  • Notice or request for arbitration
  • Agreement on arbitrator – if not appointed by an arbitral institution or a court
  • Preliminary meeting & logistics for the arbitration
  • Submission of pleadings & disclosure of evidence
  • Evidence & witness reports
  • Preparation for the hearing
  • Award – including decision, cost, enforcement & challenge

We also provide advocacy services, and our consultants can be appointed as arbitrators.

Arbitration is still the preferred dispute resolution method internationally.  Our arbitration consultants are all qualified arbitrators and can help you with the arbitration process whether you are an employer, contractor or sub-contractor.

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