Applications for Payment & Variation Entitlement

Applications for Payment & Variation Entitlement

Many construction firms, particularly at the lower end of the supply chain, do not produce applications for payment to the required standard.  It is often made worse by the absence of adequate supporting records. This results in the under-recovery of a firm’s true entitlement to payment and extensions of time, causing financial pain and disputes.

Rowfield can help you improve margins by implementing an effective commercial control system, tailored to the size of your company. This is maintained by your team, who receive consultative support from Rowfield when applications for payment are due to be submitted. This approach ensures your submissions represent your full contractual entitlement, without you paying for extra resource.

We can assist you in preparing your application for payment which will:

  • Set out the sum considered to be due and the basis of the calculation
  • Represent the full value of your works at the specified date
  • Achieve the date for submission
  • Represent a valid application for payment
  • Maximise your variation entitlement
  • Contain full contractual justification
  • Contain full supporting evidence
  • Maintain your cash flow
  • Protect you from difficult paying parties

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